Tuesday, November 27, 2012

REKINDLED ED KOWALCZYK: LIVE AND ALIVE (Second of three parts) (May 21, 2012)


Vim Nadera: Was the title of your first album just an allusion to your former band? Or was it a statement of sorts to those who would love to see you fail? 
Ed Kowalczyk: Alive was just a word that kept emerging throughout the recording of my solo album. I really haven’t been happier in years, and therefore more “alive” than ever. As my first solo album, it also
represents a bridge from the old to the new. The title makes sense in that regard too.

VN: How was your life since 2009?

VN: After three years, can you finally that you have the last laugh?
I do what I need to do as an artist to find fulfillment and challenge. Having found that in abundance, over the last three years, makes me very happy.

VN: Did your style and substance change as a singer and a songwriter ever since?
I would say certain aspects have grown and become slightly more sophisticated, but nothing essential has changed. Fans tell me that they hear an urgency and energy in my solo music that reminds them of my material in Live from the mid-90s. That’s pretty cool.

VN: Now how would you classify your music?
: It’s definitely rock and roll, but it paints a darker shade without becoming overly melancholic. There is hope in it.

VN: Among the musicians you worked with, who would consider as the best?
My drummer, Ramy Antoun, continues to amaze me all the time. We do a two-man acoustic set in which he literally plays cardboard boxes! He makes boxes sound better than most drummers do with real drums. Crazy.

VN: Who influenced you a lot?
I’ve always said that U2 was probably my biggest influence growing up. I definitely idolized Peter Gabriel, amongst others.

VN: Your songs have been used on television via The West Wing and in film through Killing Bono. Any other offer to act aside from your Fight Club debut?
Fight Club was really just a spontaneous, fun thing I did. The director, David Fincher, was a huge fan of my work and just offered me a role in Fight Club out of the blue. It was a lot of fun and I loved the movie.

VN: By the way, do you have acting background?
: I haven’t done any acting since. I’m quite busy with music as you might have guessed. ;-) My only acting experience up to that point was playing Captain Hook in Peter Pan in a high school play. I was
damn good in that role if I do say so myself!

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