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JOEY AYALA’S SOCIAL ARTISTRY (Last part) (June 24, 2013)

Joey Ayala with his Philpop 2013 entry "Papel" collaborating with Gloc 9 and Denise Barbacena

Vim Nadera: What are your recent concerns?
Joey Ayala: I’m working on the musical aspect of another core of artwork titled Tubig naman. Para masaing yung bigas. (Laughter.) Water is so much a part of us, so intimately a part of us, that we take it for granted. Our bodies are water – we are conscious bodies of water. Our geography is saturated in water. And our waterways are saturated by us – by our wastes and toxins.

Engineers, scientists, conscientious government- and business-people and activists seem to agree that community engagement is essential to efficient and competent water management. “Tubig” is meant to be a set of music/movement pieces at the core of an educational resource that can used for engaging communities in efficient and competent water management.

“Tubig” contemplates Tubig, that animates our water-spirit. The flow, the liquidity, the soft strength, the power to create and destroy, the many-faced implacability..... of Tubig.

I’m working on the technical aspect of music as well, investigating the blend of techno textures with indigenous timbres.

VN: Could you elaborate on this blend? Who are you collaboring with?
JA: I am such a lyric-oriented musician artist and so, for balance, have embarked on a conscious sound/texture/technology upgrade. A handy project for this is Tubig – part of whose development is another project titled Burst –an exhibit of fractal art by Medge Olivares – on 16 July 2013 at Whitespace – for which I am doing music. Pasok naman ang konsepto ng fractal art sa tubig. Nature and natural patterns are fractals – radiant realities that repeat infinitely with minute variations that build up to discernible patterns that seem to harmonize with human senses –and these patterns may even be expressed mathematically, something that was glimpsed by scientists as early as the 17th century. So we – myself and the people I work with. Onie Badiang, Chong Tengasantos, Tapati, and other soon-to-be-invited artists are working on these overlapping projects.

I’m writing songs – one which is a finalist in this year’s PhilPop Songwriting sweepstakes.

VN: Why do you still join songwriting contests?
JA: Malaki ang premyo! And I don’t like contests BUT I also maintain a self-challenge to occasionally do things I’m not comfortable with.

VN: What can you say about current trend in music?
JA: Sorry, I’m not aware of any trends... technology, management and marketability have always shaped what is universally-distributed and consumed so ganoon pa rin naman, mas mabilis at mas laganap nga lang ang pag-akyat-baba ng sikat na performer dahil sa mas mabilis at mas laganap ang technology at marketing systems. Also, what people naturally or instinctively like and support is not a matter of conscious choice. Very few people take the trouble to retool their decision-making. As in what to buy or support. To align them to some developmental or beneficial vision-mission. Very few people see the magnitude of effort that goes towards setting up systems that produce trend-setters. People notice the stars and not the stage on which they stand. There are thousands of stars waiting by the side of the stage!

VN: Is it insulting to serious music artists like you that non-singers are ones topping the charts?
JA: No, it is educational – proof that clear targets, discipline, and good management and teamwork can achieve practically anything! In SHOWBIZ audiences notice the SHOW but don’t pay attention to the BIZ. The names you mentioned represent TEAMS that are good at both SHOW and BIZ. Artists who may be good at SHOW are not necessarily good at BIZ, and vice-versa. So there’s really no insult, only education. Everybody does his/her best. Being a “serious” artist guarantees neither good SHOW nor BIZ!

VN: Are you experimenting on something?
JA: I’m experimenting with self-cut hair. I cut my own hair. Obvious ba o hindi? Buti na lang uso ngayon ang buhok bagong-gising.

VN: How true that you are coming up with a Joey Ayala line of fashion?
JA: Baka ako lang ang magsusuot! It’s still in the back of my mind but then I need to focus on music and writing for the time being. Limited energy!

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