Tuesday, May 21, 2013

PAT “PARALUMAN NG PANITIKAN” FERNANDEZ (Third of four parts) (May 20, 2013)

Patricia Fernandez (right) with Glady Duenas, Jo-anne Alivio, and Alice Dixon during the 50th anniversary edition of Bb. Pilipinas (Photo courtesy of Joyce Ann Burton's Adventures of a Beauty Queen

Vim Nadera: Walk us through the recent 50th Anniversary Edition of Bb. Pilipinas.
Pat Fernandez: Our opening walk was tear-jerking. It's such an honor to walk side by side with the other queens I admire. Aside from other triumphs, I was also thrilled when they showed a clip of when I got in the finals of Miss International. It's a first on Philippine television.

VN: Among the former winners, who is your role model? Why?
PF: Aside from our chairperson, Ms. Stella Marquez-Araneta, I'm blessed with a lot of mentors from Bb. Pilipinas. Among the queens who have coached or trained me are Patty Betita, Marina Benipayo, Karen Agustin-Ostrea, Denille Velmonte-Valera, Maggie Wilson-Consunji, Gionna Cabrera, Carlene Aguilar-Ocampo, Nadia Lee Cien Shami, Alma Concepcion, Jewel Loboton, Daisy Reyes, Lara Quigaman-Alcaraz, Melanie Marquez, and Gloria Diaz. It feels great when your sisters are there to support you. They are all women of substance.

VN: What can you say about Bb. Pilipinas?
PF: It's a fun sorority :) We inspire each other.

VN: Did being a Bb. Pilipinas give you an edge in, say, looking for a job?
PF: Definitely. I usually joke that I took a masters program in personality development because I trained for two years before I competed abroad.

VN: What are the ups and downs of a beauty queen?
PF: It's fun to help and inspire others in more ways than one. During our reign though it was quite a challenge to keep our bodies fit for competition because people (especially relatives) would usually say "You're too thin!" and they would fill our plates with more food!

VN: Have you also tried acting. What are your film projects ?
PF: I dabbled in several soap operas and sitcoms in GMA, ABS-CBN and TV5. I have a cameo role with Lovi Poe, Paulo Avelino, and Jennylyn Mercado in Regal Film’s The Bride and The Lover this month. And I have another upcoming movie in December.

VN: You graduated cum laude when you finished B.A. Speech Communication at UP. So you are more of a speaker?
PF: I enjoy communicating with people. By the way, I was a member of the UP Speech Communication Association and UP Social Dance Club too in 2003. I also love piano playing and swimming!

VN: What makes you beautiful?
PF:I try to stay positive most of the time through constant stretching, prayer, and meditation. When I can't manage it alone. I acknowledge the feeling and allow my friends to help me. I also list my blessings from God. Happy girls are the prettiest.

VN: What is your daily beauty ritual?
PF: Hydrate often and exercise my portion control. I don't deprive myself of the things I love. I eat almost every hour if possible -- in small portions.

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