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LEVY’S STRATEGIES (Last part) (December 10, 2012)

Dr. Nathan Levy, endorsing his books exhibited during his successful Powerful Strategies To Enhance Learning workshop celebrating the National Week of the Gifted and Talented last 30 November

Vim Nadera: Is there such thing as The Nathan S. Levy Approach to giftedness? 
Nathan Levy: No, but there is an NL approach to teaching and learning. Engagement, challenge, relationships and knowledge of the subjects to be taught are all part of the “Nathan Levy approach.” This approach applies to the gifted as well. 

VN: What makes your method stand out? 
NL: I have no single method. I have a variety of strategies that have been successful. The combination of high standards and effective teaching are the keys. 

VN: Are creative people born or made? How can it be developed? 
NL: They are both born and made. Creativity can be taught through practice. Providing lessons with opportunities to think creatively and debrief that thinking is important. 

VN: What is the proper way to think? 
NL: Flexibly - when doing creative activities, and looking at points of view. Rigidly. When lock step thinking (i.e., turning on a computer) is required. 

VN: What is higher order thinking? 
NL: Being able to synthesize and create by looking at things from a variety of perspectives. It is more than having knowledge -- it is using knowledge in many ways. 

VN: Could you give us some tips on enhancing learning? 
NL: Engage learners by drawing on their experiences and giving them a base of knowledge. Both are needed. Provide thinking/problem solving opportunities, and helping learners to master basic knowledge as well. 

VN: Is there really a need for K-12 curriculum? Why? 
NL: Yes, to give all children equal opportunity by providing a common base for children from all areas. If one area of the country teaches its own curriculum, and the others are consistent the isolated group will have gaps and fall behind. 

VN: What advice can you give to parents, teachers, and students about excellence? 
NL: Model it; point it out, hold high standards. 

VN: Please tell us something about your books. 
NL: My books are the following: 

Stories With Holes (Volumes 1-20) are about creative logic stories to help participants think “outside the box”. 

Who Am I?/Whose Clues? (Volumes 1-6) help participants gain basic knowledge in a fun way. 

100 Intriguing Questions (Volumes 1-6) are open ended questions to stimulate writing and conversation. 

Nathan Levy’s Test Booklet of Basic Knowledge is all about America based test of cultural literacy. 

Not Just Schoolwork is on the best writing / critical thinking activity book in the world. 

There are Those is a poem defining “Gifted” from my perspective. 

Thinking and Writing Activities for the Brain (Volumes 1 &2) are about dynamic thought provoking quotes interwoven with activities that inspire children and adults to think broadly and creatively. 

Creativity Day by Day is full of daily activities to spur creative thinking, writing and/or conversation. Great for families and classrooms.

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